Are you seeking the benefits of ultra rapid detox for drug addiction? Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic can help you safely quit the physical addiction to drugs in just 8 hours. Through new medical innovation, you can sleep through a single treatment that compressed 8 days worth of withdrawal into 8 hours’ time, allowing you to immediately start the second phase of treatment.

What exactly is ultra-rapid detox and why does it work? Rapid detox is the accelerated removal of opiates from the body, and takes place in two phases. The first phase is the removal of opiates from the body’s brain receptors and takes only a few minutes. The second phase is the removal of opiates from the body’s circulation and can take from 4-8 hours.

Medications make it possible to take the first 8 days of withdrawal and compress them into an 8-hour period of time. Anesthesia makes if possible for the addict to sleep through the entire process.Through ultra rapid detox, the entire effects of going cold turkey for 8 days can effectively be applied to a single treatment, allowing the addict to be put to sleep and wake on the other side of the worst of the withdrawal phase.

Those who are addicted to opiates, whether they happen to be heroin, Oxycontin, Percocet, methadone or another drug, who cannot quit on their own and cannot tolerate the withdrawals, come to the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic for ultra rapid detox. It is essential to understand that not every doctor is qualified to perform rapid detox. Only experienced and board-certified anesthesiologists and pain management specialists should be consulted for treatment.

Specialists from the Rapid Detox Clinic understand that only Naloxone is capable of displacing opiate molecules from the opiate receptors in the brain, in the spinal cord and in the digestive tract. They are skilled at keeping the patient asleep for the proper amount of time to ensure the safety and comfort of every patient.

One hour is not enough for ultra rapid detox, leaving the patient to wake up in the midst of a massive withdrawal. Be cautious in listening to so called experts from clinics who claim that they can provide detox in a single hour. When it comes to detox, a longer duration is more difficult for the doctor and staff to perform, however it is safer and more effective for the patient.

Ultra Rapid Detox can help you get through narcotic withdrawal with the least amount of discomfort. If you fear the detox process, consider calling Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic at 877-647-2177 to speak with a doctor about your addiction and allow them to answer your questions for you.

You don’t have to go cold turkey or deal with withdrawal alone. Now, through ultra rapid detox, you can sleep through the withdrawal process and wake up ready to immediately begin treatment in a rehab facility. Find out more by going online to or call the clinic today.