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Are you looking for the best Texas rehabilitation center for your teenage boy or girl grappling with addiction? Look no further! Clearfork Academy offers the best and highest quality treatment possible that will break these bonds of addiction.

Youth drug addiction epidemic

Drug addiction is an epidemic across the country. Drug overdose is the leading cause of death among Americans, with statistics showing that the number has more than tripled in the past twenty years. Drug use and overdoses are a burden to not only the individuals but their families and the country as a whole.

Drug addiction is especially heartbreaking when it gets a hold of our youth. Addiction is a vice that threatens to destroy teenagers in their prime. It contributes to various problems among adolescents including HIV/AIDS, STI (sexually transmitted infections), depression, suicide, crimes, etc. With addiction among the youth steadily increasing over the years, it is imperative that we save teenagers from its talons.

How do we confront youth drug addiction?

We utilize a variety of treatment programs to help in the substance abuse rehabilitation of teenagers in our care. Among the therapies offer at our center we include:

  • Individual therapies where teens confront the underlying cause of the addiction,
  • Group therapies where the teens get to bond with their peers,
  • Family therapy-family support is crucial in the recovery process. We encourage regular family visits where the whole family gets to participate in the recovery program
  • Art and music therapy where they get to personally confront their addiction without fear of judgment or stigma and
  • Adventure therapy, where they get to enjoy the highly therapeutic nature of the beautiful Texas countryside.

Our main treatment program is residential, adolescent boys aged 13-19 joining us on our structured, therapeutic, and scenic campus. Here, they receive full-time therapy, treatment, and other activities guided by licensed professionals specializing in adolescent substance abuse and addiction. For teenage boys and girls requiring treatment that does not interrupt academic, extracurricular, or family commitments, we tailor outpatient programs which offer the same Christ-centered guidance and therapy.

How do you treat addiction?

We use two different approaches, treatment programs, and the gospel. We believe that addiction is a condition that requires more than just a change in behavior. We are a Christ-centered Texas rehabilitation center that believes in the power of Christ to change teenagers struggling with addiction. Christ encourages us to have a complete overhaul of the heart, which is why He is the main focus in all that we do.

Helping teens struggling with addiction is more than just a job to us; it is a calling. As such, regardless of faith, we strive to make every teen in our facility feel welcome and valued.

What to do if your teenager is affected by addiction

Get in touch with us! Our customer care personnel are available 24/7 and will respond to all your inquiries.

There is hope after realizing that your teen has a substance abuse problem. Clearfork Academy is the best Texas rehabilitation center, offering your teen the best chances of recovery.

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