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When considering residential treatment centers in Texas, make sure you enquire with the friendly staff here at Great Oaks Recovery Center.  Our specialized team of medical professionals is ready to assist with you or your loved one's recovery journey.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Treatment Centers

Some rehabilitation centers employ professionals specializing in only one or two different fields, which limits the center's ability to assess the client's comprehensive needs. A treatment center needs to be able to consider all of the contributing factors in the client's life.

At Great Oaks Recovery, we employ professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. This means that we can take a unique, multi-faceted look at a client's circumstances in order to design the best kind of treatment plan for them.

Our Values

We operate one of the most specialized residential treatment centers in Texas and are proud to reflect the mission and values of Great Oaks.

Our mission is to provide the best treatment, support, and care to our residential clients. We are here to help, and we take this duty of care seriously.

Our values are what keep the entire organization working cohesively with an aligned vision.

The first Great Oaks value is honesty. Our team works alongside the client with integrity to their journey, and with fairness, as we see them through a difficult stage in their life.

Competence is our second value. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and strive to be the best. We hold ourselves accountable and take responsibility for our clients and their progress.

Perseverance is our third value. We meet challenges with grace and resilience and are committed to supporting our clients through successful rehabilitation treatment. Our resolve to succeed is strong, as is our dedication to our clients.

Our next value is passion. We care about what we do – we are passionate about the recovery process, and most importantly, about seeing our clients succeed in realizing their recovery goals. Our passion is helping people, and in providing our service with enthusiasm. Serving others is an integral part of life, and comes with the reward of seeing a client embrace their best self.

Respect is another value we give high regard. We honor the human dignity of our clients and provide clients with the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life.

Teamwork is an essential part of our framework and our values. We work together as one cohesive unit, which is how we succeed in supporting our clients during such an important and life-changing time. We work united, support each other, and pull together to be there for our clients.

Contact Us

We believe that every individual deserves to have a life filled with dignity, happiness, and empowerment. We can help our clients achieve this, free from substance dependency. Making the phone call is the first step – contact us any time to speak with an admissions specialist. We can discuss how we can help you or your loved one live the life they dream of.


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