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Are you rummaging the internet for rehabs that take anthem? is a free advisory service provider that can help you verify your insurance and assist you in choosing the best inpatient drug rehab for your addiction condition.

Does anthem cover addiction treatment?

Anthem insurance plans cover treatment for substance abuse and mental health. The level of coverage can vary depending upon the plan you choose. Anthem offers coverage for treatments, therapies, and procedures that are medically necessary. Anthem covers some costs when it comes to outpatient treatment, residential rehab, residential detox, partial hospitalization, and acute inpatient hospitalization.

We help our clients verify their insurance and help them find rehabs that take anthem insurance plans. Anthem offers a variety of plans depending upon where you live. Each type of plan offers varying levels of coverage for substance or alcohol abuse treatment.

How to overcome addiction on my own?

If you suffer from long term addiction or moderate to severe levels of addiction along with a co-occurring mental health disorder, you need to seek the help of professionals to overcome addiction. Also, when you quit drugs cold turkey, you will experience several withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be extremely painful and unpleasant.

When you join a rehab facility for treatment, you will have a skilled clinical team to assist you with medical care and support round the clock. They will help you manage the painful withdrawal symptoms and prevent them from getting dangerous. Furthermore, you also need to undergo counseling and behavioral therapy sessions to prepare your mind and body for a lifelong commitment to sobriety. All of this may not be possible when you try to overcome addiction on your own. Also, without medical detox, it may be impossible to attain comprehensive recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Anthem coverage for inpatient treatment

Anthem is an independent licensee of BlueCross BlueShield, and it offers a wide array of coverages for substance abuse treatment. Your coverage can also vary depending upon the type of rehab or treatment facility that you choose. A rough estimate on inpatient rehab costs for the common types of Anthem plans include:

  • Bronze plans – Policyholders pay a minimum deductible for in-network providers. Those who wish to seek treatment from an out-of-network provider have to pay out-of-pocket and are not eligible for any coverage.
  • Silver plans – It includes a coinsurance percentage along with the deductible for in-network providers. Silver plans do not cover out-of-network facilities.
  • Gold plans – It also does not offer coverage for substance abuse treatment from out-of-network providers. It requires a small coinsurance percentage along with the plan’s deductible.
  • Platinum plans – Under this plan, seeking treatment from an In-network service provider involves either a copay or a coinsurance percentage. These plans sometimes cover out-of-network rehabs but come with a higher coinsurance percentage and deductible.

Be it extended care, dual diagnosis, inpatient drug detox centers, or center for behavioral disorders; we can help you find the best rehabs that take anthem. We specialize in assisting patients in finding the best inpatient drug rehab with the lowest out-of-pocket cost.

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