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rehabs in Austin

Finding the best rehabs in Austin can take a lot of time and effort, things which you may not be willing to spend as an addiction victim. Instead, your job should be to relax and focus on recovery, which is where Better Addiction Care comes in. We can help you decide on the finest rehabilitation center that will meet your treatment needs to the letter.

If you wish to test the waters yourself, here are four relevant rehabilitation centers in Austin that might interest you:

  1. Lionrock Recovery – This is a rehab facility that functions on an outpatient basis, making it perfect for individuals dealing with mild-to-moderate addiction conditions. It offers leading recovery programs, including medication, psychotherapy, and counseling. This center is perfect for you if you require assistance with social reintegration and adapting to a sober and balanced lifestyle. Feel free to check it out if you’ve already completed an inpatient program or deal with only moderate addiction effects.
  2. Phoenix House Texas – One of the fundamental top rehab centers in Austin, TX, providing services for both teenagers and adults. The outpatient-based programs provide patients with relapse prevention education, family support, and social reintegration guidance.
  3. Buena Vista Health & Recovery Centers – This is a well-rounded rehabilitation facility providing detox services, inpatient care, MAT, and outpatient assistance. It is one of the premier addiction treatment centers near me that’s ideal for coping with severe addiction conditions.
  4. Sage Recovery and Wellness Center – This is one of the core Austin rehab centers, relying on an impressive range of programs and services. They can provide professional assistance for dealing with advanced addiction disorders. Some of the programs available include nutritional evaluation and optimization, behavioral therapy, group fitness, 12-step programs, etc.

These are only four of the most renowned recovery centers in the area, but the full list is a lot more impressive. You have numerous rehab facilities in Austin, specializing in a variety of programs and procedures. Your goal should be to find one that meets your specific recovery needs.

How our helpline will serve your interests

If you need Austin addiction and mental health treatment soon, finding the perfect center for your condition is essential for safe recovery. Our professionals will provide you with invaluable support in understanding what you need and where you can find it. We strive to help you understand your addiction condition and find the best facility that meets your recovery needs precisely.

We achieve this by:

  • Discussing your addiction disorder and mental health history, and status
  • Assessing your withdrawal symptoms and addiction-related side-effects
  • Evaluating your financial capabilities and insurance options
  • Considering your short and long-term recovery goals

All these aspects will allow us to pinpoint the finest rehabs in Austin that meet your quality standards. If you wish to speak to our Better Addiction Care professionals, you can contact us at 800-429-7690. This helpline is open throughout the day to help you assess your treatment needs and check your insurance coverage and available payment options.