Searching for the ideal rehab in Salem, NH, can be a grueling task, seeing how many rehab facilities there are available. Riverbank House offers access to some of the most advanced rehabilitation centers, operating based on innovative precepts. These include the philosophy that the rehab treatment’s success depends only on the patient’s long-term stability and sobriety.

Why conventional rehabilitation programs fail

Conventional programs mostly use medication to address addiction’s symptoms and combat the withdrawal. Once the patient has become stable and shows signs of improving physically, mentally, and behaviorally, specialists consider the treatment a success. Most inpatient programs rely on 30-day routines, sometimes going up to 60 or even 90 days. After those 90 days end, the patient is free to return home. And that’s when the problems begin.

Studies show that most addiction victims completing the rehabilitation tend to relapse within the first year following rehab, while many others will follow the same path beyond that timeframe. Conventional top rehab centers in New Hampshire fail due to their inability to:

  • Address addiction’s underlying causes and triggers
  • Diagnose and combat co-occurring disorders the patients’ wellbeing in the long run
  • Provide patients with relapse prevention tools to use upon the treatment’s termination
  • Provide patients with knowledge on addiction, sobriety, social triggers, or healthy living
  • Put in place a reliable relapse prevention plan
  • Aid with social reintegration and personal and professional success, etc.

The downsides keep going, showing that inpatient NH alcohol treatment centers are limited in their ability to combat addiction effectively. Especially severe or prolonged substance addiction with intricate underlying layers, requiring special attention and commitment.

How our rehab programs solve the crisis

We have the best long-term addiction programs in New Hampshire, providing patients with reliable clinical, psychiatric, emotional, and spiritual assistance and guidance. We address addiction disorders from a different perspective, one that relies on long-term assistance and social reintegration guidance. Our philosophy is that the recovery process never ends. It will last for years, as individuals will have to adopt significant lifestyle changes to prevent relapse and ensure lasting sobriety.

This is where our extended care protocol begins to work its wonders. Our professionals rely on customized rehabilitation and recovery programs, helping people embrace a healthy and transformative daily routine. At our drug and alcohol rehab center, you will engage in support groups, group recreational activities, recovery-specific therapies, and behavioral therapies, etc. We also offer access to nearby resources, including a skateboarding park, churches, 12-step meetings, and many others.

But what makes our NH drug and alcohol rehab center truly special is its ability to help people reintegrate into society as successful and thriving individuals. If you’re ready to begin your fight against substance addiction, our rehab in Salem, NH, is the perfect fighting stage.

Riverbank House is a leading institution in extended care and sobriety management, teaching addiction victims the essentials of self-sufficiency, relapse prevention, and healthy living. You can discuss your recovery prospects with our rehab professionals at 877-533-9115, check your insurance, and discuss our treatment options and alternatives.

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