Turn Your Life Around with Best Rapid Detox

Don’t allow your addiction to control your life. At Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic, we provide an addiction treatment that allows patients to quickly eliminate the physical component of their addiction without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The method we use for ultra rapid detox is one-of-a-kind. Most other rapid drug detox techniques are too expedited and run the risk of patients getting hit with strong withdrawal symptoms. Our rapid detox for opiate addiction is safer and more effective. Please feel free to contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, to learn more about the treatment.

A Unique Approach to Ultra Rapid Detox for Opiate Addiction

Visit us to begin changing your life. Our location offers you complete discretion, since no one back home needs to know the true reason for your visit to the city. The rapid detox procedure is performed on the campus of one of the city’s major hospitals. We use an advanced medication technique to accelerate the withdrawal process while you are under anesthesia.

Narcotic withdrawal is painful and overwhelming, which is part of why so many addicts are afraid to quit. Fortunately, medical rapid opiate detox ensures you are unconscious for the bulk of the withdrawal, allowing you to avoid all the worst symptoms. You are under anesthesia for eight hours during the main part of the procedure. After it is over, you spend about three days at Solutions Recovery. For the first 24 hours of recovery, you receive on-on-one care from one of our helpful nurses. We are the only center in the country that offers personalized care during the initial recovery period.

Other rapid opiate detox addiction treatments only last an hour, which is too short. The patient is likely to wake up in the midst of a massive withdrawal and suffer the full impact of the symptoms. While being under anesthesia for eight hours has some risks, the procedure is very safe. The anesthesia is administered and closely monitored by a board-certified anesthesiologist with extensive experience. Learn more about the safety of our best rapid detox technique by reviewing our science and safety page.

The Doctor Behind Our Medical Rapid Detox Treatments

Count on Dr. Thomas C. Yee, MD, to see you safely through your rapid drug detox procedure. He has been certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology since 1994, as well as the American Board of Pain Medicine since 1997. As the former chief of cardiac anesthesia at the University of Nevada’s School of Medicine, he is highly experienced at safely administering anesthesia for long periods of time. Dr. Yee has 19 years of experience in cardiac surgery anesthesia and intensive care, as well as 14 years of experience with pain management. His work in these fields led him to develop his unique safe rapid detox technique.

A Quick and Effective Addiction Treatment You Can Afford

Get your recovery off to a good start with a single, affordable procedure. Our rapid detox for opiate addiction technique only costs $12,000. This cost includes three days at the Solutions Recovery. At this time, the cost is not covered by most insurance, but financing is available.

We recommend that patients stay at the Solutions Recovery center for more than three days in order to address the psychological aspects of addiction. This helps you reduce your chances of a relapse. Extended stays at the center are often covered by insurance.

Get more information on our rapid detox procedure by contacting our staff directly. We proudly serve clients at our clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada.