Rapid Detox Center

If you need to detox from opioids but fear the process of withdrawal, consider looking into the benefits of treatment at a rapid detox center. Safe, rapid detox can eliminate the painful withdrawals and allow you to sleep through the most intense part of detox. Contact Rapid Detox Clinic for more information.

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Drug Rehab California


Do you need help choosing the right drug rehab in California? Alcohol Services was set up as a free resource to assist families when seeking quality treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Learn more about alcohol abuse on our website, become knowledgeable about alcoholism signs & symptoms, and call our helpline for additional resources. Alcoholservices.org

Drug Rehab Billing Company


Medical Billing Connection

Did you know that by outsourcing your treatment center’s billing services, you could save a lot of money each month? Speak with one of our consultants for free at Medical Billing Connection to find out how our drug rehab billing company can improve operations at your facility and increase cash flow.

Porn Addiction Treatment Program Boulder


Begin Again Institute

5277 Manhattan Cir #114
Boulder CO 80303 US

There’s a proven effective porn addiction treatment program in Boulder that can help you get your life back on track. Contact Begin Again Institute to learn more about our methods of treatment for sex and porn addiction; you’ll discover free resources on our website, as well, including FAQs and blog articles.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Tennessee


Integrative Life Center

1104 16th Ave South
Nashville TN 37212 US

If you’ve had problems in the past with relapse after treatment for addiction, Integrative Life Center has an effective dual diagnosis treatment program in Tennessee that will help you reach your goals. For many of our clients, a mental health disorder has prevented them from getting well’ our dual diagnosis program identifies the cause of addiction and helps bring healing..

12 Step Jewelry



Shop for beautiful 12 Step jewelry at My 12 Step Store to commemorate a milestone in recovery or show your support for a loved one. We carry a unique selection of AA pendants, earrings, precious stones and crystals, gold, dog tags, necklaces & bracelets, rings for men and women, gifts for both her and him and surrender jewelry.