Are you dreading the thought of trying to get off of Oxycodone? You know you have to do it but the very thought of the pain of withdrawal is keeping you from being able to put them down. You may not know there is a treatment available to you that will allow you to sleep through the entire detox process.

Want to hear more? Cutting edge treatment for Oxycodone addiction makes it possible to compress 8 days of detox into one 8-hour time-frame. With the assistance of an anesthesiologist, you can sleep through the whole process and wake up with detox behind you. If detox is all that’s keeping you from reaching out to a new life free of drugs, make a call to the Las Vegas Rapid Oxycodone Detox Clinic at 877-647-2177.

Your safety and comfort are top priorities at the Las Vegas Clinic. The rapid detox procedure is performed by a double board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist. Dr. Thomas Yee and his assistants are dedicated to taking care of just one patient for the entire 48 hour hospital stay, so you’ll get the treatment you deserve from the moment you walk in to the clinic until you leave.

The Las Vegas Rapid Detox Clinic offers a withdrawal-free solution for clients who are committed to ending their addiction to narcotics. Treatment can significantly reduce the physical aspect of addiction and open the door to complete recovery. You’ll be put under anesthesia for 8 hours while you undergo the advanced rapid detox, ensuring you do not experience the intense pain of withdrawal. Upon waking, most of the effects of physical addiction and withdrawal will have been eliminated.

Eight hours of rapid Oxycodone detox are the equivalent of 8 days of cold turkey quitting. The Rapid Detox Clinic is proud to be the only drug rehab center in the country able to provide continuous, one-on-one patient care during the entire 48-hour stay.

While it is true that rapid detox can effectively treatment physical components of addiction, it is essential that the patient also receives counseling to overcome the psychological aspects and social influences that lie behind their problem. Extended rehab enrollment is highly recommended for the success of your recovery.

Isn’t it time you or your loved one received relief from addiction from a team that truly cares? The staff at the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Clinic understands the plight of those who are struggling with addiction. It is their mission to provide patients with the much needed relief they are looking for.

Feel free to take advantage of the free resources available at, where you’ll find a wealth of valuable information on the 8-hour Oxycodone detox process. Read about how rapid detox can change your life and give you a second chance at the life you dream of.

Check out some of the published articles on rapid detox, read through real patient testimonials and call the Clinic with any questions you have. Your safe and rapid Oxycodone detox is just a phone call away at 877-647-2177.
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