If you or a loved one is addicted to opioids, you may have already spent countless hours of searching on the Internet trying to find a solution that will change everything. The fact that your search has brought you to the Las Vegas Rapid Opioid Detox Clinic is not an accident. New treatment is available at this medical facility that makes it possible to sleep through the entire detox process.

Imagine going to sleep for 8 hours and waking up to find that the entire detox is over and you don’t have to go through the painful withdrawals you’ve been afraid of for so long. It’s not a dream, it’s now a reality that is offered by physicians at the Las Vegas Clinic. Rapid Detox for opioids has been approved as a treatment in the US to help patients avoid the painful withdrawal that comes with getting off opioids.

You deserve a new chance at life. The Las Vegas Rapid Opioid Detox Clinic can help you take control of your life again and become a new person. Physicians at the facility truly believe that their detox process is priceless as they have seen the impact it makes in the lives of those who come in for treatment.

The cost of rapid opioid detox is between $12,000 and $15,000, which is lower than most traditional programs. Fees are typically not covered by health insurance, however the Clinic offers affordable financing through My Medical Loan. You’ll find that this cost is ultimately much more affordable than the cost of drugs. There are two treatment options available to patients looking for safe and effective opioid detox:

– Plan A, which includes an interview, assessment and examination at the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Clinic. You’ll receive rapid opioid detox for 8-10 hours at the detox center and 2-3 days of stay at a licensed rehab center, along with continuous one-on-one care for the first 24 hours of treatment. Your package will include eight weeks of follow-up by phone with an addiction specialist.

– Plan B, which includes an interview, assessment and examination, rapid opioid detox at the Las Vegas detox center and 6 days of stay at a licensed residential rehab, with continuous one-on-one care for the first 36 hours of treatment. Plan B also includes eight weeks of follow-up via phone with an addiction specialist.

The Opioid Detox Clinic’s physicians recommend that you extend your stay at a rehab center beyond the initial 3 or 6 days that is provided with your rapid detox package in order to increase your chances of complete recovery. Without long-term counseling, there is a great risk of relapse.

You’ll find a wealth of information online at SafeRapidDetox.com to help you understand the science behind rapid detox, the advantages of going through the detox process while asleep and much more. Refer to the FAQ for valuable answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Feel free to call the Detox Clinic at 877-647-2177 with any questions you may have- physicians are happy to connect with you. Choose Las Vegas Rapid Detox Clinic for its safety, comfort, effective treatment and reasonable cost for drug addiction treatment. You’ll be so glad you called.
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