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If you or a loved one is facing a disease of the mind or body such as depression or addiction, contact us today to see how our unique and patented treatment methods can help cure the body without the use of potentially harmful medications. The Holistic Sanctuary is a five-star resort, providing you or your loved one with luxury rehab facilities that can heal their mind and body.


The Holistic Sanctuary has two patient facilities. The first location is in Rosarito, Baja California. We also offer an amazing facility in Mexico near Tulum, which is renowned around the world for its amazing Mayan architecture and history.

Diseases and Treatment

Our luxury rehab facilities can help treat a host of different maladies, including opiate addiction and PTSD. We steer clear of Western medicine and instead our facilities focus on healing the body from within using a blend of treatments to cure spiritual illness. These methods include IV infusions, meditation therapy, and massage therapy.

Our patented treatment method includes the Pouyan Method, which was created by Johnny Tabaie. When you undergo treatment with the Pouyan Method, the underlying causes of mental health issues that can lead to conditions such as eating disorders and drug addiction are treated. No one else uses these revitalizing treatments, and we offer more one-on-one sessions than most treatment facilities, since we do not use talk therapy or group sessions.

Why Choose a Luxury Rehab Facility?

The reasons for going into rehab are numerous, and people choosing to enter a facility are making a difficult decision. By choosing one of our resort facilities, you are able to heal in five star comfort. In our facilities, you will be spending several weeks going through the healing process, so we want you to be comfortable and relaxed as your body detoxifies.

While in our facilities, you will be fed premium raw food and plant-based meals that are free from genetically modified organisms and designed to help support your mind and body through the healing process. The meals are all organic, and we also offer a variety of organic superfood juices and shakes during your stay.

When you choose to stay in one of our facilities, you will be with us for between 4 weeks and 12 weeks, depending on the package that you choose. We do not offer talk therapy, instead focusing on methods designed to heal the spirit, including yoga and meditation. Our specialists also offer ayahuasca ceremonies to cleanse the body and spirit.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, our goal is to treat your spirit, thus freeing your body from the addictions and mental diseases that you face. During your stay, you have access to the gym and will undergo regular health checks, with blood and liver panels to ensure your health at every step along the way.

Contact us today to see how we can help you or your loved one get back your life and enjoy living free of addiction to drugs, sex, or alcohol or even diseases that can ravage the body, such as depression.

luxury rehab facilities

Luxury Rehab Facilities