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Interventionist Maryland

Addiction Treatment Group can help your loved one accept and embrace treatment and help them break free from the chains of addiction. Our interventionist in Maryland is highly trained and holds several years of experience in holding interventions.

How to stage an intervention?

When it comes to intervention, there is no one size fits all formula. Each addiction case and situation is unique, sensitive, and complex, and hence make sure to speak to an interventionist in Maryland beforehand to supervise and moderate the session. If you are the one trying to stage it, prepare a list of points that you want to layout in front of your loved one. 

Also, prepare yourself for both negative and positive outcomes as you never know how an intervention could go. For the intervention, choose a location where your loved one might feel comfortable, relaxed, and calm, this will stop them from fleeing. Also, refrain from inviting attendees who might aggravate your loved one’s emotions and invite only those people that are crucial for the intervention.

Lastly, be sure to plan the intervention perfectly beforehand. Invite all those people whose opinions are highly valued by your loved one and practice beforehand not to bring up certain words, memories, or events from the addict’s past that may cause them to react erratically or leave the place. Your goal must be to help your loved one feel loved and to convince them to accept and embrace addiction treatment.

Benefits of rehab to the family and the patient

By attending rehab, both the addict and his family members can benefit from the treatment process. The addict will receive a combination of treatments such as medical detox, psychotherapies, counseling, support group sessions, holistic therapy, etc.

The rehab’s goal is to help the recovering addict overcome addiction in a safe environment and to ensure that they return to their life as a sober and healthy individual. The recovering addict’s family no longer has to deal with the pain of watching a member of the family struggle with addiction. Rehab treatment has so much more to offer both the addict as well as their family members.

Common signs that demand the need for intervention

If you have loved one who uses drugs occasionally and for recreational purposes, there is a high chance that it could develop into an addiction sooner or later. If you spot several of these signs, it may be time to stage an intervention. Some of the signs include:

  • Ignoring commitments, responsibilities, and facing problems at work, school, and home.
  • Taking time off from work or school frequently
  • Avoiding family and friends to be alone
  • Facing financial problems and increasing debts
  • Sleeping for longer periods and sudden changes in appearance such as weight gain or loss
  • Lapses in memory and maintaining secrecy about personal life

Reach out to our interventionist in Maryland today to stage an intervention and help your loved one at the earliest. At the Addiction Treatment Group, we aim to rescue adults and teenagers from their substance abuse order and help them comprehend the importance of treatment.

Interventionist Maryland

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Interventionist Maryland

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