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While inpatient drug rehab is effective in helping you overcome addiction, it’s not relapse-proof. We know that social reintegration following addiction is a sensitive and uncertain process which is why we, at Harmony Haus, invite you to our Halfway House in Austin.

What is a sober living home?

Sober living homes are transitional steps between inpatient rehab and social reintegration. Substance addiction is a highly debilitating mental illness, which will drastically affect your mental and emotional functioning. Most victims of addiction suffer extensive behavioral modifications, as they become antisocial, paranoiac, aggressive or apathetic.

While the rehabilitation process addresses most of these problems, the underlying issue will usually remain untouched – the patient’s social behavior has changed. The inpatient rehab program relies on 24/7 care and supervision, and it has strict rules over long periods of time. Depending on your condition, you could go through months of rehab or even a year.

Our home offers people the opportunity to transition towards a healthy lifestyle at their own pace. It is a vital advantage for those whose addiction has dramatically affected their ability to function normally in society anymore.

What is a halfway house?

Halfway houses are similar to sober living homes, with minor differences but the same goal – providing a safe transitional environment between rehab and the real world. If you are already enrolled in a form of rehab treatment or have already completed one, our halfway house in Austin might be the perfect destination for you.

We know how devastating substance addiction can be, as it dramatically alters your behavior and perception of the world around you. The rehab treatment is complex and sometimes uncertain, since, with so many moving parts, it’s almost bound for one to fail eventually. It’s common for people that have completed the treatment to encounter difficulties in reintegrating in the society.

In many cases, individuals will relapse, as their insecurity and fear of freedom can sabotage their efforts to remain sober. Our halfway house offers the ideal environment for healing, education, and social reintegration that will help you retake control over your life.

How do I stay sober?

To prevent the relapse, you must become aware of the dangers lying before you. The role of the rehab treatment is to stabilize your condition and help you move past the withdrawal phase. While you will receive extensive therapeutic support during the program, no rehab strategy or procedure, no matter how innovative or complex, can save you from yourself.

Ultimately, you should be in control of your own life. At our sober living homes, we teach people how to preserve their freedom and rebuild their lives, brick-by-brick. The recovery process is a journey of self-discovery more than anything else, and you need a competent guide to keep you from getting lost.

Come to our halfway house in Austin today, and tell us about your problems! At Harmony Haus, we offer you the chance to start life all over again. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it!

Halfway House Austin

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Halfway House Austin

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