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At Phillips Orthopedic Associates, we offer the highest quality medical treatment, personal care, and support at affordable prices. Dr. Paul is one of the few Fredericksburg orthopedic surgeons that specialize in orthopedic trauma surgery, hand surgery, and upper extremity surgeries.

Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty is an effective form of treatment that helps relieve pain in patients suffering from a severely diseased knee joint. The patient enjoys improved joint function and experience no pain after the surgery. During the procedure, the specialist will remove the damaged bone and cartilage and replace it with a prosthetic joint.

Your doctor may first assess your knee’s range of motion, strength, and the extent of damage, your age, and overall health condition before determining if whether you need surgery. Patients suffering from severe pain due to osteoarthritis and individuals who face challenges with walking, climbing, sitting, and standing, can attain permanent relief from this operation.

Common sports injuries

While preventing an injury is beyond our control, there are ways to stay safe while playing sports. Here are some tips on how to prevent or recover from the most common types of sports injuries:

  1. Ankle sprain – Most athletes experience an ankle sprain at one point or another. It occurs when your foot turns inward and leads to stretching or tearing of the ligaments that cover the ankle. One way to prevent an ankle sprain is to perform specific exercises like calf raises, shin raises, and ankle alphabet regularly to improve flexibility and strength.
  2. Groin pull – Groin pull arises as a result of the strain of the inner thigh muscles. Hockey, football, and baseball players often face groin injuries and can result in severe swelling. Make sure to use compression or ice on the injured area and take several weeks of rest to avoid further groin injuries.
  3. Hamstring strain – A certain muscle group in the back of your thigh forms the hamstring, which can be over-stretched by hurdling or sharp kicking of a leg in an outward direction while running. It can take several months to a year to heal, and re-injuries are more common as it is impossible to stay in rest for such a long period.

How long does it take to recover from a shoulder replacement?

Shoulder replacement surgery is a major procedure that can take anywhere from 4-6 months to recover fully. Also, expect a moderate level of pain and discomfort for a few days following surgery. Your doctor will prescribe you oral drugs and pain medication to ease the discomfort. You need to get started on rehabilitation right away to recover in a short span and to regain full range of motion. You may be able to engage in gentle activities after 4-6 weeks. But you must refrain from driving for at least six weeks after surgery.

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