Why California Rapid Detox Is An Important Part Of Addiction Treatment

One of the most important parts of treatment of substance abuse or addiction is California rapid detox. It is believed that every drug addiction patient usually has some of the substance in his body and the presence of this substance can have detrimental effect on him. This is why California rapid detox is an indispensable part of addiction treatment.

Another reason California rapid detox must be a part of the treatment is that when you are addicted to a substance, the presence of the substance in the body boosts the cravings for more of the substance. So, it is necessary that the body is first purged of the substance to boost recovery. Apart from detoxification, the other important parts of addiction treatment have been outlined right below.


Addiction begins from the mind. So, its treatment must include analysis and manipulation of the mind. It involves being able to figure out the kind of satisfaction or pleasure that is derived from taking a particular substance.

Once the patient is able to figure out this pleasure, his mind can be manipulated to make the body simulate the pleasure. If it is done successfully, the pleasure or satisfaction can be simulated without taking the substance.

Gradually, the power of the addiction will continue to reduce until even the simulation will no longer be necessary. In other words, psychoanalysis is as important as detoxification in the treatment of substance abuse.

Daily engagement

They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Idleness of the mind promotes craving for certain products. Have you observed that you eat more when you are idle or bored? And you eat less on busy days. This is exactly how addiction works.

When you are very busy, you may not remember to take the drug. It is when you become idle that you will remember that you are yet to take it. Once that thought strikes your mind, the craving will begin and it will continue to increase until you take it. So, participants are usually kept busy all through the day during their rehab. This is the same reason, families of drug addiction patients are advised to keep him busy immediately after rehab to avoid relapse.

Willingness to tackle addiction

The success of addiction treatments depends on the willingness of the patients. This is why physicians usually spend a long time to convince drug addiction patients that they are addicted. Without such acceptance, there will be no cooperation and lack of cooperation with the providers of addiction treatment is tantamount to sabotage.

This is the major reason you should not force a drug addiction patient to a treatment center. You can force a drug addiction patient to a treatment center but you can’t possibly force him to cooperate. Otherwise, all your efforts will be wasted. The patient must be willingly to take part in the rehab program for it to work.

In conclusion, there are other activities in the treatment of drug addiction but without any of the elements outlined above, the chances of full recovery will be very slim.


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