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  • Blue Cross Blue Shield short-term health insurance is one of several options for short-term insurance that you can choose from. Of course, there are in-network plans and out-of-network plans to choose from, and these feature both short-term and long-term plans as well. To be sure; short-term health insurance is any health insurance plan that is under six months in duration.

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    Who is Short-Term Health Insurance for?

    If you find yourself in a financial bind, and, for example, you are in-between jobs, you might experience a lapse in your health insurance coverage. If your carrier was Blue Cross Blue Shield, you do have options for short-term medical/health coverage.    

    What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

    Think of short-term health insurance as a band-aid type of health insurance. It’s meant to provide coverage for immediate health and medical needs. Short-term health insurance is designed to get you from Point A to Point B, and it should be used for less than six months. Blue Cross Blue Shield short-term health insurance can provide you with the coverage you need until you get a new job or new position and go back to your long-term health insurance plan.

    Is Blue Cross Blue Shield Short-Term Health Insurance Good?

    No doubt, choosing your healthcare coverage is one of the most important choices you will make in your adult life. The reason that many adults choose Blue Cross Blue Shield is that BCBS is accepted in all 50 states. BCBS policyholders experience more freedom, more choice, and more peace of mind. Here are some other reasons why you might consider Blue Cross Blue Shield:

    • BCBS has been well-known and trusted for more than 80 years

    • BCBS is the most widely accepted insurance by doctors and specialists

    • BCBS plans are accepted in every US state

    What Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Short-Term Health Insurance Cover?

    Short-term health insurance plans are usually reserved for unexpected illnesses/injuries, which may include doctor visits, ER visits, inpatient hospital stays, emergency surgeries, X-rays, and laboratory services. Blue Cross Blue Shield’s short-term plans might also provide coverage for prescription drugs and other benefits. Naturally, the details will vary bit by bit, depending on the short-term health insurance plan you select.

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