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Patient safety and comfort are the top priorities at the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic. Our rapid detox procedure is performed by a double board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist, Dr. Thomas Yee, MD. Along with his assistants, he is dedicated to taking care of just one patient for the entire forty-eight hour hospital stay. This means you are always his top priority throughout your treatment.

Dr. Yee is an expert anesthesiologist certified by both the American Board of Anesthesiology and by the American Board of Pain Medicine. He is licensed in Nevada, California, and New York and has been in practice since 1989. Since 1990, he has provided anesthesia care to open heart surgery patients. His practice in both the cardiac anesthesia and pain management fields led to his development of our signature rapid detox technique.

Our drug rehab center offers a withdrawal-free solution for motivated clients who are committed to ending their narcotic addiction. The rapid detox technique can significantly reduce the physical aspects of addiction. You are put under anesthesia for eight hours while you undergo the advanced rapid detoxification so that you do not experience the intense pain of withdrawal. While you are asleep, you are monitored with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure proper brain and vital organ function and that the right amount of anesthesia has been administered. Once you wake up, most of the effects of physical addiction and the opiate withdrawal have been eliminated.

The eight hours of sleep are equal to the patient having to endure eight days of cold Turkey quitting. We are the only drug rehab center in the country to provide continuous, one-on-one or three-on-one patient care during the entire 48 hour hospital stay.

If patients are flying into Las Vegas, our facility can arrange for a driver to meet them at the airport and bring them to the clinic. The first day at the drug rehab center will include an interview with the medical director and a physical examination. We will then administer preparation medicines. On the second day, patients undergo the rapid detox procedure for eight hours under anesthesia. There will be a two hour recovery period under the anesthesiologist’s observation, as well as careful monitoring by our nursing staff throughout the rest of the day. On the third day, the patients continue to receive nursing care and monitoring. Any signs of residual withdrawal will be treated with medications. At the end of the day, when stable, the patient is discharged.

Although our rapid detox procedure can effectively treat the physical component of addiction, the patient must overcome the psychological and social influences behind their problem as well. In order for our patients to work on the other factors behind addiction, we refer them to the Solutions Recovery in Las Vegas. Patients may find that this part of the recovery may be covered by health insurance.