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Alcohol abuse affects over 15 million adults in the US and is a huge problem. It disrupts not only the lives of the victims but also the lives of their loved ones. At Coastline Behavioral Health, we offer alcohol treatment in Orange County for those suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

The symptoms and causes of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is the clinical term for someone whose alcohol consumption is so out of control that it negatively impacts their health and personal lives. The person abused alcohol for so long that their brains have become chemically dependent on alcohol, without which they will experience withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol abuse often starts voluntarily where a person consumed alcohol to get over emotional or psychological issues such as grief, depression, or trauma.

In younger adults, peer pressure and domestic environment are critical factors in alcohol abuse. Characteristic symptoms include compulsive alcohol use, where victims feel they cannot function without alcohol. Victims experience withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures and nausea when they don’t consume alcohol.

Like all substance abuse cases, addiction is a result of changes in brain chemistry over time that made the person chemically dependent on alcohol. Initially, regular doses of alcohol increase the neurotransmitter dopamine, responsible for feelings of pleasure. Over time, there is less dopamine released over normal doses of alcohol, causing the person to increase the dose to experience a pleasurable ‘high.’

How do I find a good alcohol recovery center?

You need to think about whether the affected person should be far away from their usual environment and triggers. In severe cases, it is better to choose a facility far away from their familiar surroundings or triggers. If you’re looking for alcohol treatment in Orange County, contact us.

If the AUD case is severe, detoxing is an important first step. Not all recovery centers offer it and require patients to complete detox before admission. Some rehab facilities do offer detoxification as part of their recovery programs too.

How does alcohol abuse affect physical health?

There are many adverse effects of AUD on physical health. The most common problems are damage to the liver, leading to conditions like fatty liver, increased inflammation of the liver, and in severe cases, the damage is irreversible. There can be a similar effect on the pancreas, resulting in fat build-up and inflammation.

Similar inflammation and damage are present in the stomach lining and leading to esophageal or stomach ulcers. Alcohol abuse also disrupts the body’s absorption of Vitamin B1 (thiamin), and thiamin deficiency is quite common in AUD patients. Thiamin deficiency further leads to problems like paralysis of the eye muscles.

Alcohol use is also incredibly dangerous for pregnant women as it can cause miscarriages or severe mental and physical impairments in the baby. There are links between AUD and bone damage as well as weakened immune systems.

Need alcohol treatment in Orange County for you or a loved one? At Coastline Behavioral Health, we concentrate on providing personalized treatment to all our patients.

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