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Alcohol Rehab California

Don’t choose another alcohol rehab in California until you’ve taken a tour of Pax House Recovery. We offer freedom from addiction through programs designed to prevent relapse and help you develop the skills necessary to change your life once and for all. Get the help you need for alcohol addiction when you call the Pax House staff.

Detox At Pax House

Treatment for alcohol addiction begins with a detox program designed to minimize withdrawals and prepare you for residential treatment. Pax House Recovery is able to offer Medication-Assisted Treatment, often referred to as MAT.

For many alcoholics, the thought of painful withdrawals prevents them from seeking treatment. We know firsthand that detox is a powerful preparation for long-term wellness, and as such, we believe the best course of action for addicts is often one that starts with detoxification from alcohol. You can learn more about our detox program online in the ‘Treatment’ section or by speaking with our staff by phone.

Residential Treatment

Almost every alcohol rehab in California recommends 30-day residential treatment for addiction recovery; however, at Pax House, we know that 30 days is not long enough for most patients. If you’ve been in and out of rehab or worry that 30 days in residential care will not be long enough to return to life at home, you’ll find there are numerous options available at Pax House- including 60 and 90-day treatment programs.

We are strong believers in the 12-step recovery program that has helped millions of alcoholics live lives free from addiction. Along with the 12-step plan, Pax House offers a wealth of resources and activities to keep you engaged and connected with support. Therapeutic and holistic treatment options include:

  • Physical fitness
  • Bowling
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Music & Art
  • Meditation
  • And much more!

Luxury Amenities

Aside from being situated among some of the most beautiful mountains in California, Pax house offers a variety of amenities that include gourmet, healthy meals prepared by our own chef, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. Feel free to tour our beautiful residential treatment facility at your convenience and see for yourself why we are the most popular alcohol rehab in California.

Preventing Relapse

Our primary focus at Pax House Recovery is to prevent future relapses from occurring. We develop personalized strategies for avoiding triggers and temptations while equipping patients to deal with them with success when they happen to come along in life outside of treatment. Here at Pax House, you’ll learn new skills and coping mechanisms to face all situations with strength for a favorable outcome.

Relapse Prevention requires a serious support system that is available to you when you need it. We’ve seen time and time again how isolation and attempts to combat alcoholism on one’s own increases the risk and likelihood of a relapse. When you need a compassionate team of support, turn to Pax House Recovery. Call now to get help for alcohol addiction- it’s the first step that is the most important on any journey.

Alcohol Rehab California