Basic Summary of the Rapid Detoxification Process

Your rapid detoxification process with the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic unfolds over several days. On day one, you meet with our experts at our clinic. If you are flying into Las Vegas, we can arrange for a driver to meet you at the airport and bring you to our clinic. An interview and examination is conducted by a licensed anesthesiologist. You also have an interview with an addiction specialist. Once the interviews and examinations are complete, you are given medications to prepare for the procedure and driven to your hotel.

On day two, you undergo the rapid detoxification process. This takes about eight hours and is done under sedation anesthesia, which is administered and monitored one-on-one by a board-certified anesthesiologist. You are also carefully monitored by the anesthesia staff for the rest of the day. Our combination of knowledge and skills in anesthesiology, pain management, critical care, and cardiac surgery anesthesia ensures you are safe and comfortable throughout the process.

Upon waking, you recover at a major hospital or a licensed residential rehab center for the next few days. During days three and four, you receive one-on-one recovery care from a professional. We are well-regarded for our high level of personal care during the immediate recovery process. You are monitored closely for the first 36 hours after rapid detox. If there is any sign of residual withdrawal, the patient receives medications to reduce the symptoms.

Further Details on Our Detox Process

Drug addiction has at least three components: physical, psychological, and social. It is important to understand that the rapid detoxification process only addresses the physical aspect of addiction. We do a very good job at that, but stopping physical withdrawal is not enough. In order to address the emotional and social aspects of the addiction problem, you need long-term substance-abuse counseling, as an out-patient or as in-patient. Without counseling, there is a great risk of relapse.

We help you get started on the psychological and social recovery by providing you with three or seven days of after-care at a licensed residential rehab center. Please note that rapid opiate detox is only for people who are truly motivated to end their narcotic addiction. We can significantly reduce the physical addiction, but you yourself have to overcome the psychological addiction and the social influence that pushed you into addiction in the first place.

If you need to stay at the licensed rehab clinic for longer than what is included in the rapid detox package, we can make the referral. This part may be covered by health insurance. Please review our cost and financing information for more details.

Speak with our staff for more in-depth information on our rapid detoxification process. We proudly serve clients at our clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada.