Rapid Detox Clinic Las Vegas NV

Rapid Opiate Detox with No Physical Withdrawal

Many addicts want to change their life and kick the habit, but they are scared of the physical withdrawal. Narcotic withdrawal is a painful process that many people cannot work through alone. Fortunately, our rapid opiate detox technique allows you to be unconscious for the worst physical withdrawal symptoms.

At our opiate drug addiction and heroin detox rehab center, we offer fast medical detoxification without physical withdrawal for the drugs listed above, as well as methadone, Suboxone®, and Subutex®. Please note that these last three require switch-over to short-acting opiates prior to ultra rapid detox.

Since our treatment only addresses the physical aspect of addiction, you must also seek physiological counseling to treat the underlying factors of your addiction. Our best rapid opiate detox treatment package includes a couple days with a recovery center, but we recommend extending your stay or enrolling in a program near you. Without counseling, you risk a drug relapse. Learn more about the different aspects of additions by reviewing our Detox Science and Safety page.

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